Paper cutting

A year ago ( nearly) I married my husband, the traditional present for a first anniversary is paper so I decided a while ago that I wanted to Make him a paper-cutting related to his love of bikes! I didn’t ever imagine it would turn out this ace! I’m unreasonably proud of this. The bikes are self-explanatory, the stars echo a tattoo on my arm which tells a part of our story and always is a quote from Harry Potter! The background is taken from Justin’s favourite magazine Single Track !


A Wedding fair and a floral crown!

Yesterday, I helped my sister out with her photography stall (Emma Playsted Photography)
at the most beautiful wedding fair, at Wyldwood in Shropshire. Whilst there the lovely lady from bloom and bride showed me how to make a floral crown! It was so beautiful I kept it on all day (even when I went to Spar for pizza)! My sister thought I was joking when I said this had fulfilled a major ambition of mine, but I wasn’t… I love floral crowns and would happily wear one every day!


Progress check on the Wedding Owls!

I still love to hand sew and embroider, as I’ve been making more and more cushions and sewing for others, a few people have asked whether I’ll move to machine, I’m not sure, I think part of what I can offer is this hand sewn, old crafting approach. It does (of course) take longer, but it seems more meaningful!


Patchwork puzzle

I like patch-working, to be honest I am not great at fancy designs, but I find the process of patch-working by hand therapeutic. In fact the two times I’ve made patchwork have been following illness and hospital visits.
The repeated movement and the fact you end up with something pretty at the end of it is a bonus.
I also enjoy picking out the fabric, I can lose hours in a good material shop!