On how I became a crochet addict.

Even six months ago I did not have this habit. It truly is all consuming, and I’m certain that many others may not understand the joy it brings me (I’ve seen the funny looks you give me when I do it in public. 

My house has been taken over by the equipment, my wage is spent on supplies and my life is brightened by my discovery of …crochet.

Yep, I didn’t expect it either, but after a beginners course Ifind myself nursing an addiction to the yarn art which is crochet.

I had started to fancy having a go at crochet, I wanted to work with wool! But have an inexplicable aversion to knitting, it hurts my hands, I can’t co-ordinate both at once and possibly part of the answer is that my mum was the one who tried to teach me (sorry mum).

The push I needed came when I bought a copy of Molliemakes, a free hook and yarn adorned the front. I found my local wool suppliers, I logged on and through youtube,pinterest and lots of magazines I started to teach myself some basics. Knowing that I probably wasn’t doing it right I booked on to the (very well priced) beginners crochet class at The Make it Shop (Wilbraham road, Chorlton).

Jo’s simple and straightforward workshop cemented my love of the craft. I started with the eponymous ‘granny squares’. We learnt enough terms to read a simple pattern, Jo covered some basics, explaining how I’d been holding everything wrong, but it was enough! In the next few weeks I was attached to my new crochet hook.

One over-sized blanket later and I was hooked (if you excuse the pun).

Now, Fast forward four months and you’ll find my repertoire has widened: two extra-large blankets, some baby hats (with bear ears) two pairs of wrist warmers, an amigurumi unicorn, a t-shirt yarn foot rest, some eco-coral, a kindle cover and a lot of flowers later, I am well and truly on my way to becoming Chorlton’s most recent crochet addict.

Two months into my new addiction and even my birthday haul was dominated by this new love, two books …, some Yak Yak t-shirt yarn and a subscription to a crochet magazine…


I find it hard to put a pin in what it is about this craft that has so truly drawn me in. Maybe it’s the speed with which it’s possible to work, fancy a 30 minute project, there are plenty. Or perhaps it’s the fact that it’s the only 3d medium in which I can actual create, following a pattern, or even inventing my own (more about that later).

I like that it’s portable, my handbag is a one-woman crochet station, and that it’s possible to learn so few stitches, but still create a range of different shapes and textures. More than that I like that there is still scope to be different and creative, that there are still many ways of bringing crochet into the 21stcentury, that have not been tried; colours, shapes and designs.It has not all been done before.

can also admit that I like that crochet has brought me recognition (however minor) in a way that no other medium has before (Thanks to Danielle you can see my crocheted daisies, buttercups and rainbow blanket in the window of the Make it shop, during Chorlton Arts (Baa’rts) festival).


So I have a household, handbag and brain full of wool, and I have never been happier!


More making and paper cutting!

So, it’s been a bit busy around here. Nonetheless I’ve managed to fit in a bit of serious making… More paper cutting, some embroidery and cross stitch! Crikey I hear you say… Crikey indeed! First up are my husband’s birthday papercuts.


Paper cutting

A year ago ( nearly) I married my husband, the traditional present for a first anniversary is paper so I decided a while ago that I wanted to Make him a paper-cutting related to his love of bikes! I didn’t ever imagine it would turn out this ace! I’m unreasonably proud of this. The bikes are self-explanatory, the stars echo a tattoo on my arm which tells a part of our story and always is a quote from Harry Potter! The background is taken from Justin’s favourite magazine Single Track !


A Wedding fair and a floral crown!

Yesterday, I helped my sister out with her photography stall (Emma Playsted Photography)
at the most beautiful wedding fair, at Wyldwood in Shropshire. Whilst there the lovely lady from bloom and bride showed me how to make a floral crown! It was so beautiful I kept it on all day (even when I went to Spar for pizza)! My sister thought I was joking when I said this had fulfilled a major ambition of mine, but I wasn’t… I love floral crowns and would happily wear one every day!


Progress check on the Wedding Owls!

I still love to hand sew and embroider, as I’ve been making more and more cushions and sewing for others, a few people have asked whether I’ll move to machine, I’m not sure, I think part of what I can offer is this hand sewn, old crafting approach. It does (of course) take longer, but it seems more meaningful!